Sugar Baby Beautiful Trailer


Sugar Baby Beautiful will be released on Aug 21st until then enjoy this trailer…however don’t watch it in public…

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6 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Beautiful Trailer

  1. Hi,

    I just discovered Black Rainbow on Amazon. I looked at your author page and while the author picture shown is of a Black woman, I noticed the majorIty of your books feature white women.

    Why do you prefer to write in a white voice?

    No disrespect, just curious. I have asked white authors who right about Black characters the same thing.



    • Hi Leticha,

      I write about everyone. Of all of my works the only two that are only “featuring white women” would be Sugar Baby Beautiful and Childstar. Ruthless People is a series however one of the main character’s is a black woman, who then get’s her own book as well. Even if you don’t count that it’s still one series, sugar baby beautiful, child star. While I have Black Rainbow and Declan+ Coraline. It’s 2-3.

      As a writer I do not prefer any voice more than another.


  2. I just love all ur books but mostly the ruthless people series. I just wish I was like a billionaire so that I could fund ruthless people series into a movie. I have actually read the series like four times. I just love all the characters esp Mel and the way u bring them forth. Kudos


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