American Savages (Advanced Reader Copies)


So you want an Advanced Reader Copy for American Savages? Great I plan to give out as many as I can.

However there are a few requirements,

1. You must have read/reviewed both Ruthless People and The Untouchables. It doesn’t matter if you reviewed on amazon, goodreads, iTunes, or your blog as long as you reviewed then your good.

2. You must review American Savages…Before or around the time of the release!

3. You need to be a book reviewer. (I might just give some to fans) but for the most part ARCs will be handed to those who have blogs, or goodreads pages or amazon review status.

That’s it.

Please fill out the form and thank you so much for supporting me!

Due to volume I may not be able to confirm every request right away! (It will be sometime in March.)

Thanks so much


Don’t forget to put me on your approved reading list on kindle! email is ¬† ¬† ¬†

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