Ruthless People Giveaway!

10567366_10152398689204213_551865786_nFor one week I will be hosting this giveaway! Just review BOTH on Amazon and Goodreads. Once you do let me know in the comments to add your name to the raffle! (Thank you Indiesage Promotions for the banner) It doesn’t matter what country you are in!!

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle CA

Amazon Kindle UK

Amazon Kindle AU

Amazon Kindle INDIA




Ruthlessly Yours



20 thoughts on “Ruthless People Giveaway!

  1. I reviewed at both sites. This book in off the chain. I love the detailed writing and the quotes. I am in love with Melody, JJ McAvoy and this book. Thank you for writing this book.


  2. Maria Angélica
    Does not take into Portuguese. I’m from Brazil and like many Brazilians would love if it were translated into Portuguese. Could be up to the European Portuguese (of Portugal), or my Brazilian Portuguese language. Thank you.
    Angelik Angel/Maria Angélica


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