Win A Copy Of Ruthless People


Hey Ruthless People!!!

So would you like to get a copy of Ruthless People TWO months early? Would you like me to sign it?

Well I’m holding a raffle starting NOW

All I ask is if you win and there is only ONE luckily winner, that you take a selfie with the book and write a small review. I will then post here and on Facebook! So Sign up!


If it doesn’t work  for you on facebook here is another link!

12 thoughts on “Win A Copy Of Ruthless People

  1. I loved reading Ruthless People. I would love a copy of your book, I liked it so much that I told my family and friend. I love the twist with Renee. I just want to let you know to please let me know of any other book you write. Thank you.


  2. Oh I just saw the clip and holy hell this looks awesome!!! Is it coming out in Australia? I hope I win!!! If not the only way I’ll be able to buy it will be in store. I’m going to be a ball of anxiety till then!!! 6points towards the raffle from me, I’m so keen right now! I love reign!!! Do you think you’ll turn it into a book? After a while of course, if like to read it more hehe
    Love you, love your work!!!
    So excited and good luck to all!!!


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